The Murphy Hockey School 

"Fun & Development at all Levels!"

We will make positive improvements in your child's game, no matter the level

Are you ready for the most dynamic hockey summer camp in Ontario? Murphy Hockey School continues to set the standard in Hockey Training Camps. The M.H.S. has built its reputation by utilizing professional on ice instruction, knowledgeable staff and instructors, plus its incredible off ice management.

We pride ourselves on offering our students the best care at M.H.S. 

To learn more about Murphy Hockey School Programs - you can contact us here.

A Message from our Director

The Murphy Hockey School programs are designed to help build the fundamental skills necessary to maximize potential and enjoyment at each level.   Our professional staff have been chosen for their leadership abilities and hockey skills. At the M.H.S. our personal cornerstone philosophy is based upon growth and skill development with FUN as the primary motivator. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Hope to see you at a future program. Thank you for your continued support.

Sean Murphy

MHS Director of Operations 

Picture: Sean Murphy - Scout-Kitchener Rangers OHL With Ryan Murphy (Carolina Hurricanes NHL) former MHS player/counselor!