Frequently Asked Questions about MHS Programs

1. What does a typical (Summer) camp day's activity schedule look like?

• 1 hour scrimmage
• 30-1hr hockey talk and/or video
• Power skating & Skills
• Team Building Concepts
• 1.5-2hrs hour of Various Activities
• 45-1hr min lunch (snacks throughout day)

  Each GROUP will have variations of this schedule

2. What do the Programs / Camp cost and how do I register?
Click here to go to our Registration Options Page


• Please, complete the online application form here in full and acknowledge the Parent’s Declaration.

3. How do you group the participants? 
Participants are grouped according to the level of hockey they are going into the following year. So for example we try and keep all second year initiation players in one group, first year novices in the next and so on. There are some exceptions to this and we also sometimes take into account the participants age. Sometimes it is necessary to move players up or down to make the group size work. We are very good at grouping but nobody is perfect so if you have a problem please come see us right away.

4. Can we make grouping requests? 
Yes, as long as the participants are playing similar levels of hockey we will group them together for you. Please keep in mind if there is a huge hockey level or age difference between them we will not group them together.

5. What is my child's schedule going to be in your SUMMER PROGRAM?
You can call or email us at any time and we will have a pretty good idea of your child's start and end times. Or simply click here for a sample schedule in the summer camp program.

6. My child needs help getting dressed. Will someone help them?
Yes, all of the younger players will be given a hand getting dressed if they need it. We do appreciate any help parents give us but if you can not be at the school we will make sure they are looked after. As the children get older we do encourage them to try and get dressed themselves and we will help them when needed.

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